Red Eyes & Blue Skies

Music has always been somewhat of a healing agent for me. This project began as a means of venting a very personal journey I walked through last winter with my Aunt Debbie during her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Initially  my dear friend 8ightySeven ( Lon) would send me guitar loops, or empty tracks to accompany this diary I was creating offline. As time progressed and my aunt loss her battle with Cancer, the sound changed and the music evolved in more than just songs but an experience. As  Minority Cancer Awareness week approached I felt more inclined to not only share the songs as a package.

The music is now presented to be an audio/visual compass to help others travel through the  two common extremes of life we face. Redeyes : which represents, tears, pain, heartache, disease and death and Blueskies which represents, Joy, Hope, Love, Death but with a hopeful ending of spending eternity with God. The goal has always been to share my story in efforts to relate and introduce new perspective as it pertains to RedEyes & Blueskies. The music is my hand extended to anyone who needs someone to understand, to cry with, to laugh with, to question God with but ultimately its a heart that breaks and smiles with you and for you …

I pray that the songs provide a small light in the midst of darkness and a burst of faith when life offers nothing but Doubt. So Dance and sing and join me as we navigate RedEyes & Blueskies..

-Thank You for listening,
Natalie Lauren


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